Hot Hearted.

I’m the closest thing to a walking flame, I tell ya.  


I was Born on Tuesday December 21

Which means two things

1. I always get cheated out of birthday presents



2. I’m a Sagittarius

The fire sign

Whether or not you believe in it

I am suspiciously consistent in my arson of

things like



good things that come my way


the hearts of those I never intend to love


everything I’ve ever loved



What else has the power to bring an entire city back to its ashy knees

And regenerate an ancient forest in its place


I tell myself this has to be evidence of my good intentions

If I never meant to set you on fire in the first place

And you find yourself burning


New life will being to show

in the parts of you

Only a woman like me could reach

I apply the only healing I trust…

Even if it hurts at first.



Conscious Men finding themselves chilly

love to ask questions they never actually want my answers to

Trying to set up the blueprint for how they will capture the heat of my spirit…

Like, how many stable relationships I’ve had


How many people I’ve actually slept with


But if a lady never tells,

Maybe they should ask

how many times I’ve set someone else on fire


Set herself myself on fire for someone else


Find myself alone burning quietly


Hands cuffed around my sensitive heart

The most shallow breathing

Coaxing life back into what’s been bruised again

Eyes closed, hiding


to imagine  being something else

Something always desired


Something harder to put out quickly


Something easier to hold,


See the thing about fire…


If an open flame tries to escape

The confines we set for it


We contain it because we tell ourselves we have to

We remember good women are like water,

calm, cool, and collected where they are supposed to be

How droplets running down the side of drinking glasses look like tears

How we find that beautiful


So if I decide to be the flame that boils

To give in to the wild freedom of my heart


If I try to escape

The oppression that keeps me damp


The fire pits they make out of empty promises


Just to watch me burn pretty for them

at night

So they can ask me

to keep them


in a cold world


While they decide

just how long they’re going to stay outside to see



Tell me that wildfires are dangerous

So I might become my own extinguisher

Something colder and cooler

Something closer to the stone

They keep in their pockets


But every candle


Has the potential to be a






And every firepit


Has to able to

stand the heat

Lest it


and endanger everything


Instead of finding strength to hold me safe,

They throw dirt on my name


Everytime I get a little bigger than they’re used to


A little hotter than they’re used to


They call me





They warn others,

show their friends their burns and

Their friends tell them

I told you so…

Don’t you know you’re not supposed to play with fire ….


And that girl


Is Hot


Like the cops are watching her house


Or like people are watching my every move


Just to see














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