In 2016, this page rattled off a laundry list of identify markers (Black, queer, femme), following one of the last theories I studied in college which asserted that everything – including how we write objectively – is ultimately subjective to how we identify and how we live. I thought the list would help ground my writing for whoever decided to read, but now I think I’ll try something different.

This blog is less a serious, tightly scheduled page of well-written articles and art pieces, and more so a link to give out to strangers to prove that I am indeed a writer.

I write because I always have. As a child, notes were more reachable than direct dialogue, especially with my Mom. I was not scared of her, but I was always annoyed with denial, and a written “no” accompanied with her laughter at my insistence on note-writing was more palatable than a harsh no spoken in my face.

The technological age in which we live floods the internet with many pages like mine. I’d like to think that one day, my writing may reach someone, somewhere, and help them figure whatever it is, out. Whenever I have a problem, advice columns and random blogs are my go-to, so I can only hope to return the favor.

To reach me, feel free to shoot me an email: