The Question I Forgot to Ask

As I navigate self-partnering, I often find myself searching for the blueprint to a fulfilling relationship. A book written by a woman more wise than me, or less distracted by the fairy tale dust mixed among the residue of her childhood dreams. My Mother never misses a moment to remind me exactly what she thinks … Continue reading The Question I Forgot to Ask

For Juneteenth

Today marks much more than the 154th anniversary of Union ships entering Texas to inform those still enslaved of their freedom from bondage. It is, and has always been, another duality of celebration and grief for Black Americans. How can we celebrate the end of slavery in the States when we still have not fully … Continue reading For Juneteenth

Finding Detroit

I made the decision to move to Detroit on the wings of my new relationship. Detroit, the place where my Mother grew up, where my Grandmother went to work for decades, where my Grandfather died sending rifts through a family Elmer's glued together. A place beloved and feared as a Murder Capital. A placed debate … Continue reading Finding Detroit