Why We Love Marvel

I used to think breakups were hard for the love lost, but now I know the sadness is a side effect of a common sin: burying inner problems deep in the demands of a new relationship. I have been avoiding myself longer than I have ever tried to know myself. Avoiding anything that would cause … Continue reading Why We Love Marvel

For Juneteenth

Today marks much more than the 154th anniversary of Union ships entering Texas to inform those still enslaved of their freedom from bondage. It is, and has always been, another duality of celebration and grief for Black Americans. How can we celebrate the end of slavery in the States when we still have not fully … Continue reading For Juneteenth

Finding Detroit

I made the decision to move to Detroit on the wings of my new relationship. Detroit, the place where my Mother grew up, where my Grandmother went to work for decades, where my Grandfather died sending rifts through a family Elmer's glued together. A place beloved and feared as a Murder Capital. A placed debate … Continue reading Finding Detroit

Learning to Accept Silence

I am often resistant to accepting advice from others. Like Prince, I perform a graceful embodiment of an air of casual arrogance - a talent, I think, as women continue to face pressure to be overtly malleable especially to the opinions of men and men-centric society. Every once in a while, however, there is a … Continue reading Learning to Accept Silence

Mastering Emotional Volatility

Guidance is as irritating to youth as taxes are to working adults with no dependents. "Don't tell me what to do with my life!" is now our "Why does the Government get to decide what I do with my money?". I feel it, but still feel qualified to give my two cents. For reasons only … Continue reading Mastering Emotional Volatility

Thoughts While At Gardella’s on a Saturday Night

A short write up of inner thoughts and happenings from a typical Saturday at Gardella's Tavern in Grand Rapids, MI.    The line just got really short, really fast. I wonder if they're still letting people in. Nevermind, it was the $5 cover charge that apparently is turning everyone away. (wonder what they think cover … Continue reading Thoughts While At Gardella’s on a Saturday Night

How To Say Something Meaningful

Last year, I did an interview with the lovely Kt for WYCE discussing my journey in poetry since I left Dartmouth 1 year and 10 days ago that day. (Can you tell I got my ivy league diploma and dipped? Yeah, that's what happened.) Me? Speak explicitly about the pieces I've written as though I identify … Continue reading How To Say Something Meaningful