April 4, 1968

Martin Luther King Day was designated a federal holiday by former President Ronald Reagan, out of all people. The same Reagan who was responsible for the disappearance of public mental health services and a rapid increase of nonviolent drug offenses leading to incarceration with his expansion of the war on drugs. Why would a man … Continue reading April 4, 1968

Why We Love Marvel

I used to think breakups were hard for the love lost, but now I know the sadness is a side effect of a common sin: burying inner problems deep in the demands of a new relationship. I have been avoiding myself longer than I have ever tried to know myself. Avoiding anything that would cause … Continue reading Why We Love Marvel

When We’re Surrounded By Bad News

Changing my Facebook status from "single" to "In A Relationship" is the first step to a new love, in my opinion. I do this for a few reasons, one of them being that in an age of unprecedented instant gratification and access to anyone, anywhere, at any time, changing my status helps random men and … Continue reading When We’re Surrounded By Bad News