Goshorn Meanderings

Families pass down genetic traits, and some pass down professions. I imagine through careful teaching moments meant to infuse practical skills and activate generational talents. I can count on two hands the amount of times I saw my white Grandmother, Pauline, at the small but impressive wood cabin she and her husband built for their … Continue reading Goshorn Meanderings

April 4, 1968

Martin Luther King Day was designated a federal holiday by former President Ronald Reagan, out of all people. The same Reagan who was responsible for the disappearance of public mental health services and a rapid increase of nonviolent drug offenses leading to incarceration with his expansion of the war on drugs. Why would a man … Continue reading April 4, 1968

Finding Detroit

I made the decision to move to Detroit on the wings of my new relationship. Detroit, the place where my Mother grew up, where my Grandmother went to work for decades, where my Grandfather died sending rifts through a family Elmer's glued together. A place beloved and feared as a Murder Capital. A placed debate … Continue reading Finding Detroit

To Be Mulatto in Times of Black Death | Part One

When Jesse Williams accepted BET's Humanitarian award, I wasn't paying attention. Light-skinned activists aren't an endangered species, so why should I stop what I'm doing to listen to another light-skinned male tell a group full of variously hued Black folks his vision for our liberation? My President is Black, and I certainly haven't listened to … Continue reading To Be Mulatto in Times of Black Death | Part One